5 Tips For Lowering Your Heating And Cooling Bills

Are you tired of paying a small fortune each month just to heat and cool your home? If so, you should know that there are several different ways you can lower these monthly costs without investing in a brand new heating and cooling system. Below you will learn more about five of the most effective ways to accomplish this goal.

Tip #1: Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

While you may be hesitant to invest any more money in your heating and cooling system, the small investment that a programmable thermostat will require is certainly well worth every penny. This is because with the use of a programmable thermostat, you will be able to use your heating and air conditioning systems more effectively. For instance, if you want to make sure your home is cool when you return from work on a hot summer day, a programmable thermostat will allow you to program your cooling system to turn on shortly before you return home, rather than paying to run this system all day.

Tip #2: Alter Your Settings By Just One Degree

The temperature inside your home fluctuates by one or two degrees throughout the day and chances are, you never even notice the difference. However, while one degree may not make a world of difference in your comfort level, it can make a huge difference in your heating and cooling bills. In fact, changing your temperature settings by even a single degree can reduce your energy bills by as much as 3%.

Tip #3: Close Vents In Rooms You Are Not Using

There truly is no reason to pay for heat or air conditioning in areas of your home that are not in use, such as a guest bedroom. In order to ensure you are only paying to heat and cool the areas of your home that you are currently using, you will want to close off any air vents in other areas of the house.

Tip #4: Rearrange Your Furniture

If your furniture is currently covering any of your air vents, you may not be enjoying the full force of your furnace or air conditioner. Rearranging your furniture so that air can flow freely and circulate around the entire room will ultimately make your heating and cooling system more effective and can save you a small fortune in the long run.

Tip #5: Be Sure All Air Leaks Are Sealed

The entire purpose of your heating and cooling system is to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home, not to heat or cool the outdoors. Unfortunately, if your home has multiple air leaks, this may be precisely what you are doing. Taking the time to locate and seal any air leaks in your home will greatly improve your ability to keep the hot or cold air produced by your HVAC system from escaping your home.

In Conclusion

While you may not be able to do away with your heating and cooling costs all together, you certainly can minimize these costs by making just a few small changes in your home. For more money saving ideas, you may wish to consult an HVAC contractor near you, such as A-C Contractors Heating & Cooling, or contact your energy supply company to schedule an energy audit.