Useful Maintenance Steps For Your Garage Door

When the garage door stops working, you are not able to do a lot of things, like take your car out. To avoid these situations, you need to maintain your garage door. This won't be difficult thanks to these steps:

Test the Balance

One of the most important steps to do is to check out the balance. If your garage door isn't balanced properly, the motor may wear down prematurely. This part isn't cheap to replace.

First, unhook the garage from the automatic opener. Grab your garage door and lift it up halfway, and then let it go. If the garage door instantly falls back to the ground, it's not balanced correctly. This means the springs will need to be adjusted. This repair step is extremely dangerous, as each spring contains thousands of pounds in force. That's why it's best to leave the spring adjustments up to garage door repair specialists.

Keep the Track Clean

When the track on your garage gets too dirty, your garage door may not be able to go up and down smoothly. It also might squeak every time it moves, which can be nerve-wracking. You can prevent these complications from occurring by regularly cleaning the track.

If you don't want to get your hands dirty, you can use a compressed air can. These cans spray out pressurized air, which will effectively break up tough residues and dirt in the track. Spray both sides of the track with this can, making sure everything is removed. If the residues aren't coming off easily, you can spray some household cleaner inside, and scrub it with a washcloth.  

Inspect the Bottom Weatherstrips

The weatherstrips at the bottom of your garage door play a pivotal role for your garage. They help keep out the weather elements like rain and snow, as well as prevent pests from getting inside. If you notice that the weatherstrips have cracked or are coming apart, they need to be replaced immediately.

As a replacement, it's smart to use a weatherstrip made out of PVC vinyl. This material is completely weatherproof. So whether it's snow or rain, the harsh elements will not cause this material to break down and crack easily. These weatherstrips are not difficult to install, as they just have to be fastened by screws.

Keeping your garage door in good condition is important, as you may use it every single day when leaving or coming home from work. You can effectively keep the garage door maintained thanks to the steps above. 

If you need help with garage door maintenance or repairs, contact a local company, like Allied Garage Door Co.