How To Avoid A Disaster When Renovating Your Bathroom

The idea of renovating your bathroom can be a fun challenge, but it can also go very wrong without a lot of prior planning. You need to know exactly what you want to change and who will be doing the work. If you are thinking about doing the work on your own, it is best to gather a lot of information first, so you can determine which areas you can reasonably accomplish.

Understand Building Codes

Your first task is making sure that any changes you make will be within the building codes for your area. For simple changes such as replacing a faucet, painting the walls or installing new floors, this will not be a major concern.

However, when you plan to upgrade the lighting, change out the toilet or install a new Jacuzzi, then you need to consider building codes. These changes involve altering main areas within the bathroom that deal with electricity and water lines, which may require safety features such as special electrical outlets that can prevent accidents from occurring.

Get Proper Measurements

Before you purchase any items for your bathroom, you need to measure each spot multiple times. This is especially important if you plan to order custom pieces, because even the smallest variation in the length or width will make a big difference.

For example, if you measure the space without the drywall up, you have to consider this in your final measurements. The drywall being in place could change the space allotment for the items you want to install.

Know Your Connections

Another key element of any renovation project is the connections between old and new lines. When connecting water lines, for example, you want to use similar materials or a proper a dielectric union when combining two different metal types.

When mixing metal types such as copper and steel, you risk galvanic corrosion. This is the process of two different metals reacting in a negative manner, such as causing the connection between the pipes to corrode and then break. This issue may not be an immediate problem, but over time, the corrosion will cause a water leak inside your bathroom wall.

Unless you have experience working with plumbing or electrical lines, it is best to consult a company that handles this work on a regular basis, such as Ken Tyson Plumbing. You can also use their help to make sure your changes are within the building codes for your area and they can measure the space for you. Once you have enough information, you will be able to decide on how much work you will handle on your own and the professional services you need to complete your bathroom renovation.