Pros And Cons Of Onyx Countertops

Onyx is a natural material that is often used for countertops when you want a sleek, modern look. Its qualities are similar to marble, especially when it is polished for a beautiful finish. There are a variety of colors and styles to choose from, most of which are in natural earth tones. Here are some pros and cons of onyx countertops so you can decide if this is a good option for you.

Pro: It has a striking appearance

One of the best reasons to get an onyx countertop in your home is due to its amazing beauty. The classic onyx countertop has the appearance of fire with red, orange and yellow. Other colors include various shades of red, blue, green, and taupe. While it looks similar to granite and marble, you can still tell the difference when you have an authentic onyx countertop. Many of the styles of onyx countertops come with the natural vein texture, making it look like a work of art right in your own kitchen.

Con: It is fragile

Unfortunately, onyx countertops are fragile, soft and need a lot of maintenance. This is perhaps their greatest drawback. While onyx is similar in some ways to other materials, it is not as hard or as durable. You can give it more strength by having a layer of fiberglass on the bottom of the onyx compound, but the surface is still prone to cracking and scratches. It is important that you seal it properly to avoid damage to the surface.

Pro: It is rare

Onyx countertops are made by dissolving limestone, then depositing it again to make the onyx formation. Because it is such a soft stone, they are hard to come by in good quality. No matter what color or style of onyx countertop you have, you know it is incredibly rare and precious.

Con: It is expensive

Due to the rareness factor of onyx countertops, it is one of the most expensive materials you can get for your counters. Not only purchasing the materials, but the installation and labor costs more because you need to find a contractor experienced working with this unique material. The maintenance and repairs can also be more expensive for onyx.

Pro: It is ideal for minimal use

If you want an impressive countertop in an area of your home that is not used often, then onyx is the way to go. You can't find a better countertop for showing off to your friends. It is ideal for areas of your home that don't get constant use, such as your bathroom. If you have a large master bedroom with an attached bathroom, have onyx countertops installed. You don't use your bathroom as much as your kitchen, where they would be prone to damage.