Understanding How Water Damage Can Affect You

Water damage is very destructive. Even an inch of water can cause an extreme amount of damage to any home or business. When it comes to restoring a building that has experienced some type of damage from water, you need the right company on hand. Even when you don't necessarily see the damage, it can be present.

How damage is done

Unwanted water can stem from a number of different things including rain, broken plumbing, and other outside factors. One of the first things you need to do when you notice water seeping in is to remove the source of it. Even a small amount of water could have lasting affects on not only the property, but on your health as well. When water sits without being cleaned up, it could eventually turn into mold which causes many health problems. 

Protecting your home

Water can lie under your flooring or within your walls without you ever knowing it. When you have a plumbing leak, water could be spewing out of a pipe without any sign of it. This creates a problem that only worsens over time. If not caught soon, you could face hundreds and even thousands of dollars in damage. Restoring the damage that was done could put your home or office in shambles while the walls or flooring is ripped apart to get to the water. 

File a claim

Although this water damage can get fairly expensive depending on the extent of it, your homeowners insurance policy may cover the damage that was done. In order to know for sure, you can call up your insurance company to see if your situation would be covered. This is the best way to discuss your water situation with a licensed agent or someone who understands how it works and can lead you in the right direction to submit a claim. 

Understanding the classifications

Water damage is classified under 3 different categories. Category 1 damage is when your sink overflows or a pipe bursts. This water is considered clean and poses no threat to your health. A category 2 includes unhealthy water also known as grey water. This could stem from overflowing toilet or sump pump failure. The last category is a 3 and includes black water which comes from sewage, rivers, or ground surfaces. This type of water is considered extremely unsanitary. 

A water damage restoration company such as Paradise Cleaning & Restoration is your best chance at getting the water removed quickly and efficiently. Always make sure to get references and check their history to see if they are a reputable company.