Bathroom Remodeling And Upgrades: Watersense Products Should Be On Your List ~ Here's Why

Are you planning to remodel a bathroom in your home? If so, you could benefit from being mindful of the fixtures you choose. It would be wise for you to consider investing in WaterSense faucets. Perhaps you have never heard of these faucets, or you may not understand their purpose. 

WaterSense is a program that was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The goal of the program is to protect the United State's water supply by encouraging water efficiency. This is done by means of developing products and services, which effectively require the usage of less water. 

Why Water Conservation is Important

Conserving water helps to protect the environment and future generations. Less than 1% of the water on the earth is actually fit for human consumption, which is why water conservation is important. 

As if depletion of this valuable resource is not enough, less water also can affect the safety of the water supply. This can put the health of humans, animals and the environment at risk.

Save Water and Save Money

The EPA estimates that the typical American family could save approximately 700 gallons of water by investing in WaterSense faucets or aerators for their bathrooms. When you consider that many people use hot water to take baths and showers, you can quickly recognize that not only is this a savings in terms of water bills, but you can also expect to consume less energy from your water heater.  

Choosing Between Aerators or Faucets

If you are planning to remodel, it would be ideal to get rid of your older faucets, and replace them with WaterSense faucets. However, if you are making a few minor upgrades, simply choosing to add WaterSense aerators to your existing faucets is a great alternative, and you will still be conserving water.

You can expect aerators to be cheaper than replacing your entire faucet. Some aerator models are easy to install. They are designed to twist on, which attaches them to the faucet of your choice. 

Recognizing WaterSense Products

WaterSense products will bear the WaterSense logo on the packaging. You can trust the labeling because the EPA grants this specification to manufacturers only after their products have been tested. You can further rest assured that the products sold are tested by a third-party to ensure they conform with EPA regulations for the WaterSense program. 

You can expand your water conservation quest beyond your bathroom faucets. There are also WaterSense toilets, shower heads and other options. You can even expand into your kitchen, which is another area of your home where water consumption is likely high. Check out stores like Fixture Shop to get started.