The Benefits Of Having A Seasonal Community Cleanup

Many communities host regular seasonal cleanup events. Often these occur once every season and last for up to one week. Dumpsters are rented and placed in designated areas where people can leave unwanted items to be picked up by sanitation companies. Various items are accepted including old furniture, old appliances, scrap building supplies, and other things that would otherwise keep property cluttered up. These are the benefits of having a seasonal community cleanup that can make it well worth the time and effort.

Improving the Appearance of the Community 

Of course, the obvious benefit is that your community will look cleaner and much more attractive. Old, unused items just lying around in yards and near streets make the entire neighborhood look trashy and unorganized. 

However, if the community is cleaned up frequently, it has a neater, more inviting appeal. This appeal may also encourage new residents and new business owners to want to move into the community. Keeping a community clean can actually increase the number of jobs that may come into your area.

Preventing Pest Infestations 

When a home or property is piled up with garbage and other junk items, this is an open invitation to a variety of different pests. Keeping the inside of your home cluttered and dirty is an easy way to accumulate mice, roaches, and other pests throughout your home. If your property is not clean, you may also be inviting snakes, raccoons, and bears to come visit you.

Keeping your home clean and clutter-free both inside and out will make it less attractive to unwanted pests that may spread germs or be very destructive. It can also relieve you of the need to hire a monthly exterminator as well.

Saving Money for Low Income Residents 

One of the best benefits of community cleranup is that it is completely free of charge. For those who live on a fixed or low income, having large unwanted disposables hauled away can be expensive. However, by taking advantage of the seasonal community cleanup, the money that would normally be spent for this service can be saved.

Sometimes the scrap iron and aluminum that is picked up during these cleanups can be sold to recycling plants. This provides extra money to help keep this service running smoothly for everyone in the community.

Some dumpster rental companies provide dumpsters for this service for free or at highly discounted costs. This makes the service more affordable for the community while also giving the rental companies a tax deduction to claim for charity purposes.