Add Value To Your Home By Getting A Bathroom Installed In Your Basement

If you're currently tackling the massive project that is finishing a basement, it's a good idea to consider putting in a bathroom. If the basement is going to be used for any kind of living space, whether it be a guest room, a game room, or office, a bathroom can be very helpful and increase the value of your home significantly. In order for the remodel to go smoothly, consider the following tips.

Get the Necessary Permits First

Whenever you're making any changes to your home, whether it's for the basement or the main area of your home, you may need to get the proper paperwork. Permits are often required in newer neighborhoods and for major construction jobs, giving you the permissions to move forward with the projects.

Consider the Available Square Footage

The amount of space you have available to you is going to make one of the biggest differences in what kind of bathroom you'll be designing. While a large spa bath may be on your mind, it may not be an option if the basement is rather small or you're planning on putting in another room downstairs that will take up a lot of room.

Measuring the exact amount of square footage and considering if there is any existing plumbing downstairs can help you figure out how large your bathroom will be.

Carefully Design the New Bathroom

From a large soaking tub to a standard sink and toilet setup, there are so many choices in designs for the bathroom and the fixtures offered. With the square footage in mind, you'll need to move forward with coming up with a floor plan that works for your bathroom and offers the amenities you want in the basement. Some great ideas include providing plenty of storage underneath a cabinet sink, and a shower and bathtub combination for the most convenience in a smaller bathroom.

Rely on Plumbers for the Main Work

The best thing to do when you're dealing with any kind of remodeling work in the bathroom is to rely on professionals. Hiring plumbers, such as those at Action Plumbing & Heating, for any major plumbing work, or looking for the help of a remodeling company, can help ensure that the construction of the bathroom goes well.

As you prepare to get a bathroom installed downstairs, you'll need to keep in mind the amount of space you have available in the basement and the kinds of features that are most important to you. With these details in mind, you'll be able to ensure that the construction goes smoothly.