Ways To Keep Your AC Unit Working Great During The Summer

During the summer, one of the most important devices to keep working at an optimal level is the AC unit. To keep this part working great throughout those hot days of the year, you can take these steps:

Clean/Change the Air Filter

The air filter is an important component of your AC unit because it helps prevent particles and dust from entering your home. When it gets too dirty, the unit works inefficiently. This then drives up your cooling costs. All of this can be avoided simply by cleaning or replacing the air filter.

If the filter is reusable, you can spray water over it from a hose. Get all of the dirt and dust off it, and set it out in the sun to dry completely. If your air filter is not reusable, you just have to buy a new one that is the right size. As a replacement, high-efficiency filters are great to use, because they will help you save more money each month on your energy bills.

Clean the Evaporator Coil

Another part that needs to be cleaned as often as possible on the AC unit is the evaporator coil. If it gets too dirty, your AC unit won't work properly and it could break down.

Start by turning off the power to the AC unit. Find the evaporator access panel, and remove it to expose the coil. Remove the metal foil around the panel's edges, and then spray down the coil with mild detergent. Use a wire brush to remove any rust or debris that may have collected on the coil over the months. Put the metal foil and access panel back in place.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you want to make your thermostat easier to use in your home, you can install a programmable thermostat. This device lets you program the temperature settings, so your AC unit automatically turns on and off during certain periods of the day. This helps you save money because you never have to worry about forgetting to turn off your thermostat before leaving the house.

Programmable thermostats also don't contain any traces of mercury, so you can rest assure you and your family are safe throughout the year. These thermostats also don't have any moving parts, making them easier to maintain.

In order to keep your home cool throughout the summer months, your AC unit needs to be working great. This is possible when you clean/change the air filter, clean the evaporator coil and install a programmable thermostat. For more advice, speak with experts like Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.