Tree Service Before Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins June 1st for the Atlantic basin. Hurricanes are powerful storms that can cause catastrophic damage in the U.S. Areas along the East Coast, the Florida Coast, and the Gulf Coast are all at risk for these storms. When a hurricane or tropical storm hits, tree branches can break off and damage the surrounding property. Trees are also prone to falling over, which can lead to extensive damage to homes, vehicles, and other structures. In order to minimize the risk of damage from trees during a hurricane, yearly tree service is very important.

Do A Check Every Year

There is no guarantee that a hurricane will hit every year. Some places can even go decades without being affected by a hurricane. However, it only takes one storm to make homeowners wish that they had prepared their yards for hurricane season. The first step for prepping a yard before hurricane season is examining all of the trees on a property. This can be done alone or with a professional. There are certain signs to look for. Hollowed and decayed trunks and branches indicate that a tree may be unstable. Dead limbs, peeling bark, and tree wounds are also signs that a tree may need to be removed or pruned. Looking over trees for signs of weakness, decay, and disease is an important step to go through every year. A tree that may be healthy one year may be a hazard the next.

Get To Pruning

Before hurricane season it is important to begin the pruning process. Pruning thins out trees and can actually help them withstand high winds. Branches that are decayed or diseased are also big risks during storms since they can easily be picked up by the wind. Removing these branches ahead of time with the help of a tree service company will help prevent potential property damage due to loose tree branches. It is also important to not remove too many branches since that can hurt a healthy tree's long term health. 

Selective Tree Removal

When examining trees next to homes and other structures it's easy to imagine the damage that they can cause. This leads many to removing trees unnecessarily. Trees that are unhealthy and likely to fall should be removed. Trees that are heartier and that are species that are less likely to be damaged should be left in place. A tree services company can help determine which trees are likely to fall and cause damage during a storm.

Hurricanes are destructive forces of nature that can cause considerable damage. Hire a tree service before the season begins is a great way for homeowners to ensure that their yards are ready.

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