Challenges Contractors May Face During Raw Water Pump Station Renovation

A lot of cities and towns still use raw water pump stations in their water treatment systems that were constructed as far back as the early 1900s. Many older stations also require renovations at some point for the installation of modern water treatment equipment and over all system upgrades. Check out some of the challenges you may face as a contractor when upgrading an older raw water pump station while also trying to preserve its exterior beauty and historic value.

Fitting In Cofferdam Construction In A Historical Renovation Project

Constructing a cofferdam is essential for some aspects of pump station upgrades. In some cases, a cofferdam may need to be placed in or near the main flow of raw water. Learning more about the geological challenges in the area you plan to construct a cofferdam is important. In the case of granite or other types of impenetrable rock, your plans for the typical cofferdam may not be sufficient. For this reason, consulting with an experienced local marine contractor is a good idea for finding ways to build a cofferdam on top of impenetrable rock, in the direct flow of water. Remember you will also need to compensate for the changes in water direction because of your cofferdam. Any temporary structures designed to control water flow until the cofferdam is removed should be easy to take down, providing a time and money saving benefit.

Considering Compliance Issues During Construction And Station Renovation

Never put off learning about the laws and specific regulations in an area you plan start a pump station renovation project. For example, the traveling water screens you select should be compliant with any water screen regulation in place. Most areas have water screen regulations for protecting fish and marine life. The good news is today's screens are being manufactured out of safer, longer lasting polymers, a benefit for marine life and greater water treatment. The steps you take to remain compliant during your renovation project can help a lot to protect the environment you are working in.

When It Comes To Raw Water Pump Replacement

Many older water treatment facilities require new raw water pumps, meaning newer pumps will need to be added to older intake and outtake water lines as well. Before making final choices about pump replacement in an older water treatment system, always make visual checks of all associated water lines first. In the event a new pump starts up and an old line bursts, you could be facing a lot of stress and profit loss. Taking the time to plan ahead when considering the replacement of an older raw water pump is extremely important.

Many towns and cities work hard to preserve their historical structures. By learning all you can about the station you may renovate, you can plan the best way to carry out construction without damaging the important historical parts of the station. For more information about water treatment, visit Waterman911.