Why You Should Still Invest In Wooden Windows

It seems that most new windows are built with synthetic materials like vinyl or fiberglass. While these materials might be very practical, they are not the most stylish options. In the past, residential window frames were largely made out of wood. Wodd has certainly been phased out by these more modern materials, but that is not to say it is no longer a viable option. This article will explain why you should still consider investing in wooden windows.

An Unmatchable Style

The best argument for wooden windows is the unmatchable style of wood. Most people who invest in wood windows choose to leave the wood grains exposed. That is, they stain it with a clear stain so you can see the natural grains and knots within the wood. This definitely gives any frame a more organic look.

The Ability to Coordinate

Wooden frames seem to fit naturally in most homes, especially since so many other features in a home are made out of wood. With wooden frames you are able to match with other wooden elements in your home. For instance, your frames would look great if they were stained the same color as a piece of furniture in a room or the eaves along your roofline. This ability to coordinate is much rarer if you have vinyl or aluminum windows.

The Ability to Change the Color of Your Windows

Furthermore, one of the best things about wooden windows is that you can change the stain whenever you want. You can lighten or darken them if you feel they are in need of an update. Of course, this is a project that will take a little bit of time. But, it's great to have the freedom to restain your frames whenever you want. You can even repaint them in a solid color and cover up the wood grains. This is definitely not something that you can do with aluminum or vinyl frames.

Wood is Easy to Repair

Another great reason to invest in wooden frames is that they are easy to repair. If a frame does get dinged or dented, you can simply patch it with generic wood patch. This is affordable and easy to work with, even if you do not have any particular construction experience.

If you are interested in wooden windows, do not be dissuaded. Materials like vinyl or aluminum might require less maintenance, but they do not offer the same style and authenticity. Contact a contractor like Fas Windows and Doors for more information.