Transform Your Basement Into An Entertainment Lounge

Finishing the basement adds value to your home. A finished basement also provides the luxury of having a space specifically for entertaining family and friends, not to mention yourself. So transform your basement into a lounge retreat that may just become the house's hot spot.

Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan works best for a multi-tasking basement room like an entertainment lounge. The goal is to be able to host any type of party and also just relax in the space. If you want to designate certain areas for specific purposes, such as video games, let furniture placement and area rugs do the work. For a little more distinction, add a box beam along the dividing line in the ceiling.

Window Well

Basements can be notoriously dim places without enough natural light. Alleviate this problem with a window well. The most effective window well is as wide and deep as possible. However, talk to your contractors about placement and design. A window well has to be carefully constructed to avoid funneling precipitation into your basement.

Ceiling Ideas

A finished ceiling adds style to your space. The lowest level of ductwork, though, is the highest your ceiling can go. With that in mind, select a ceiling that complements the overall décor style of your entertainment lounge. Better Homes and Gardens suggests the following options:

  • Laminate planks: Laminated planks provide a smooth profile.
  • Tongue-and-groove siding: Beaded board adds texture to your ceiling.
  • Multi-level ceiling: If your ducts are especially low, box them out and leave other areas of the ceiling tall.
  • Reflective panels: For a real party atmosphere – and to create the illusion of height – use reflective panels to finish the ceiling.

Wet Bar

No entertainment space is complete without a wet bar. Designate at least a corner for the wet bar and have a sink and mini refrigerator installed. Likewise, top counters with granite or concrete for an easy to maintain work surface. Include storage for glasses and alcohol bottles. If you'll be hosting any wine parties, consider a wine refrigerator or at least a wine rack.

Mood Lighting

When it comes to lighting your basement, think layers. You may want a bright, overhead light for certain activities, but more likely you want indirect lighting augmented with some task lighting. For instance, utilize under-counter lights for your wet bar, but let track lighting provide the majority of the illumination. Likewise, consider adding decorative pendants or modern chandeliers for a more distinctive style.

Talk to general contractors, like those at Suburban Construction Inc, for more options and information. And once you've had the construction finished on your basement, decorate it with a flair that reflects your entertaining style.