How Elevator Maintenance Can Help Prevent Medical Lawsuits

Landlords that own apartments or office buildings with elevators can avoid lawsuits related to medical incidents through proper maintenance. Making sure your elevators are always in good working condition is essential to prevent some accidents and other types of medical episodes. Check out the kinds of serious injuries and possible personal injury lawsuits you can avoid with regularly scheduled elevator maintenance.

Elevator Doors Closing Too Fast Or Slow Are Dangerous

If the electric eye responsible for the opening and closing of an elevator door malfunctions, the outcome for passengers can be deadly. If a door closes too fast, someone could get caught in it and as the elevator moves up or down to the next floor, the person wedged in between the doors could suffer serious bodily harm. Cases have been reported of elevator passengers losing fingers in doors that close in a forceful manner that is too fast. Providing regular maintenance for your building's elevators can help to prevent electric eye and door malfunctions.

Lowering The Chances Of Mis-Leveling Elevators

When an elevator mis-levels, the chances of its passengers falling when stepping out of it are greater. A mis-leveling elevator can cause the floor of to be higher than the floor it stops at, causing passengers the risk of misjudging their step and falling. Mis-leveling can also cause the floor of the elevator to be lower than the floor it stops at, increasing the risk of its passengers tripping and falling. Mis-leveling elevators can be prevented with regular maintenance by a trained, experienced professional. Taking the time to ride the elevators in your buildings for the sole purpose of checking for mis-leveling is a good idea in between professional maintenance checks.

Reducing The Risk Of Accidents Caused By Excessive Speed

Elevators going up and down too fast can cause passengers to be thrown about inside it. For some people, especially the elderly, being tossed about inside an elevator could cause serious injuries.  The last thing you need as a landlord is a lawsuit over an elevator accident, so taking the time to invest in professional elevator maintenance is wise and will help to prevent unnecessary and avoidable profit losses.     

If you own an older building with outdated elevators, be sure to have them inspected to learn whether or not they need to be replaced. Spending some time learning more about elevator maintenance and the kinds of accidents that can happen because of failing elevators can help you make the best choices for your tenant's safety on your property.

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