3 Ways To Use Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are an important component of any home's roof system. They move rain water away from the roof and help to prevent water damage. Rain gutters are often a common home improvement project. Replacing rain gutters can increase curb appeal and even add to a home's value. After this project, many homeowners find that they have some extra gutters. Instead of disposing of these gutters, they can be re-purposed for other uses around the home.


Rain gutters are meant for outdoor use. They are sturdy, waterproof, and durable. These qualities also make them great for use in the garden. There are many ways that rain gutters can be re-purposed for use in the garden, one of which is turning them into planters. Turning gutters into planters is easy. All homeowners need to do is flip the gutters over, make sure the ends are closed off, and make sure that there are holes on the bottom for drainage. A variety of plants can also be grown in these planters ranging from flowers to vegetables. Rain gutters can also be turned into window box planters which will match the look of the gutters that are installed on the roof.


Storage is often hard to come by in many homes. Storage options such as cabinets and shelves can also be expensive. Extra gutters from a home improvement project are a great, cost effective way to create extra storage in the home. Creating shelves out of rain gutters is surprisingly easy. First the edges of the gutters must be sanded, and brackets are needed for mounting. Rain gutters are already in the shape of a shelf so little modification is needed.  

Hiding Cords

Unsightly cords and wires are often a problem in home media centers and offices. Hiding and keeping these cords organized can be a challenge. This is where rain gutters come in. They can be used as an organization tool for wires and cords. The fact that gutters are long and hollow make them ideal for this purpose. Rain gutters can be attached to desks, media centers, or nearby walls in order to hide cords and keep them tidy. Homeowners can paint the gutters in order to make them match the style of the room. Before using gutters for this purpose, homeowners should ensure that no jagged edges are left since this could sever an electrical cord.

For more information about rain gutters, contact a contractor in your area.