Update Your Small Bathroom To Create More Space And Make It Appear Larger

If your bathroom is older and has not been changed in some time, you may be making some plans to change it to allow you to update it. While you are doing the remodeling, there are some things you can do to create more space. There are also things you can do to make your small bathroom appear larger than it actually is. Follow the tips below so your bathroom can work well for you and your family.

Glass Shower

Replace your tub/shower combination with a glass shower enclosure. It will not only look beautiful, but will take up much less space. Glass is also easier to clean.

You will often see glass showers with clear glass. This glass is popular because it makes the room feel more open, as it lets light pass through it. The glass looks just like the glass in your windows, but it is actually much thicker.

If you would like to have more privacy, you can choose frosted glass. This glass is generally frosted on one side only that will let light filter through it. You can find frosted glass in a variety of patterns.

Rain glass is another option that will provide you with a little privacy. This glass looks as if rain is falling down it, which gives it a unique appearance. Like the frosted glass, the texture is on only one side of the glass with the other side smooth.


Allowing natural light to come inside your bathroom opens up the interior, which makes the room appear larger.  If your bathroom does not have windows, you should install one or two of them. You will need some privacy, so install shutters on the bottom half and leave the top half open. This will let light shine into the room, as well as give you a view to the outside.

You can also install large windows higher up on the wall to give you light but still privacy. Hire a glass company to make you custom glass. They can create glass that has a frost on it. Light will still be able to get through the window. Some glass companies will design glass that has painted designs to make your bathroom even more unique.

Clerestory windows also work well. This is a band of narrow windows that are placed around the top of the wall. Light shines down into the windows creating light in your bathroom.

Contact a custom glass company to see other glass options you can choose for your bathroom.

Making these changes to your bathroom not only updates it, but will add resale value to your home.