Helpful Information About A Septic Tank System

Are you puzzled as to why puddles of foul smelling water suddenly appeared in your grass? If your household uses a septic tank system for managing waste materials, it might be the root of the problem. It is possible that the puddles of water are the result of the drainfield lines being clogged up. In this article, you find some helpful information about septic tank systems so you will know what might need to be done.

1. The Things Happening Inside of the Septic Tank

There are a few things that happen when waste travels into the septic tank from your house. For instance, the waste will naturally separate inside of the tank to create multiple layers. One of the layers consists of the solid waste that is heavy and unable to float, so it sinks to the bottom. The next layer of waste consists of the liquids, which is able to leave out of the tank and flow into drain lines. The top layer of waste consists of floating solids, and a contractor must pump out all solids on occasion for the tank to function properly.

2. Services That Might Need to Be Performed

Being that there is foul smelling water in tour lawn, you will likely need to get the drainfield lines thoroughly cleaned out. Basically, drainfield lines are used for distributing the liquid layer of waste that flows out the septic tank. The waste is distributed through your yard in an even manner, but can become backed up and create puddles when there is a clog present. There are several holes in the drainfield lines that can sometimes become clogged up with soil and other debris.  You might also need to get your septic tank pumped out if it hasn't been done in a long time.

3. Hiring a Professional to Provide Services

The price that you are charge for a professional to service your septic system will depend on the extent of services being done. For instance, if only want the tank to be pumped out; you should expect to pay an estimated minimum of $75. However, the price is likely to be higher if your tank is larger than average. If you want the contractor to thoroughly clean the drainfield lines and fracture the soil when pumping is done, the price is estimated at $1,000 plus. Talk to a contractor (like Kulp and Sons) about the needs of your septic tank system as soon as you are ready for his or her services.