Understanding The Benefits Of Having A High-Efficiency HVAC System

Most of the energy consumed in your home comes from operating your HVAC system to heat or cool off the house. This is why you should ensure that the HVAC system is well maintained at all times. When it is time to have it replaced, consider upgrading to a high-efficiency HVAC system. These systems have quite a few benefits, including the use of programmable thermostats, better-quality airflow, and low noise during use. The information listed below provides an overview of the overall benefits of upgrading to a high-efficiency HVAC system.

Programmable Thermostats High-efficiency HVAC systems with programmable thermostats are equipped with smart technology—the units are able to maintain control over the temperatures of your home in specific areas. This means that the temperature controls may vary depending on what room needs to be cooled off or heated up more. For instance, one area may not need as much heat as another area. The use of more than one programmable thermostat in the home enables you to turn off the heat in one part, while leaving it on in another part of the house. The benefit of this type of thermostat is that it can lower your overall energy consumption, thereby leading to a decrease in utility bills.

Better-Quality Airflow

One of the amenities of using high-efficiency systems is that they have variable speed motors to ensure that the airflow is distributed evenly throughout your home. This helps not only to regulate the temperature, but also to remove air impurities that may lead to mold, moisture in the air, or other bacteria buildup in the duct system. In addition, the upgraded filtration unit on the system in combination with the more efficient motor helps to promote a healthier breathing environment.

Low Noise Output

Most high-efficiency HVAC systems have sound-absorbing features, which allows them to operate without excess noise. There is a shock-absorbing barrier on the HVAC unit that ensures the system is seen but not heard.

Increased Home Equity

If you want to increase the equity in your home to one day get a line of credit or sell your home, then having a high-efficiency unit may be beneficial. Prospective home buyers will most likely want to know the condition of the heating and cooling system. The addition of a high-efficiency unit that will help them to save on energy costs in the future will be seen as an asset.

If you are unsure of the type of HVAC system that would work best for your home, consider consulting with an HVAC contractor.