Prevent Seepage: How To Waterproof Your Basement

Basements are great to have in your home as they add more living space, but if there is water seeping into that living space, it may not be so great anymore. Take control and prevent this seepage from occurring by waterproofing your basement. There are a number of things you can do to help prevent water from ruining your home and your belongings. See below for waterproofing tips and instructions:

Apply Waterproofing Paint

If you have seepage along your walls, joints or corners of your basement you should clear out everything along the walls then apply a waterproofing paint to the walls and corners to help keep water out. If you have any cracks in the foundation walls you'll need to fill them with concrete caulking after cleaning them out. Deeper or wider cracks (wider than an inch) should be filled with a concrete patch. 

Once you have any holes or cracks repaired, apply the waterproofing paint to the walls using a paintbrush to cut it into the corners, then use a roller to roll the waterproofing paint to the walls. You can find waterproofing paint at your local hardware store.

Add Downspout Extenders

If you have seepage or water coming in around the corners of the basement check that you have downspout extenders outside. If the water is draining too close to your home it can seep in through the foundation walls (or your basement walls). Extend the downspouts so the water drains further away from your home. You can find downspout extenders at your hardware store.

Grade Your Yard

Seepage that occurs often may be the result of your yard being graded improperly. Have your yard re-graded so there is higher ground near around your home and the yard slopes away from your home to allow for proper drainage. If you aren't sure how to do this, you may want to leave this job to a professional company.

Repair Window Wells

Window wells can leak after a heavy rain. If your window wells are damaged, or your windows are rotten or broken, make repairs to prevent water from getting in. If your window well covers are missing, invest in a new window well cover.

Your basement is extra living space. Keep it dry by waterproofing your basement so you can utilize this space to it's fullest capacity without a musty, damp smell, or without worrying about any of your belongings getting damaged from water.

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