What Is Architectural Glass?

You may like the way that buildings look when they are made of all glass. However, you may wonder how the walls are all in one piece even though everything is made out of glass. The way the walls work is that they are made out of something called architectural glass. But, what is architectural glass?

Architectural Glass

This is glass that is specially created so that it can be used as both parts of building's structure as well as the windows in the building. Architectural glass can be used both inside and outside, in different forms. There are various ways that glass can be hardened and strengthened so that it can be used in a structural setting. 

Tempered Safety Glass

Safety glass is glass that has been strengthened or reinforced so that it is much harder to break and that when it does break, it breaks in a way in which it doesn't cause as much of a risk of damage to you. For example, the glass in your car window is safety glass. It is difficult to break that glass, generally, if you were to punch your car door window with your whole fist, the way the glass is made spreads that pressure so that it won't break. If you were to manage to break it, it would break into chunks and cubes so that it wouldn't hurt you. That kind of safety glass is made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is heated up to a certain temperature and then quenched. Quenching it means that it is quickly cooled down. Since the outside cools down faster than the inside, the inside glass stays in tension, which is opposite of the outside glass, which is in compression. Those opposing forces are what give tempered glass the strength. That's why you often find tempered glass used in architectural glass. 

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is another form of strengthened glass that can be used in architectural settings. Laminated glass is strengthened by using layers. The way that it is made is that two or more layers of glass are adhered to each other by having an adhesive or polymer in between the two and then pressure is applied. Each layer added to the lamination can help to strengthen the piece of glass, within reason. 

Architectural glass is what allows all those glass and steel skyscrapers to exist and to remain standing. Contact a company, like Allied Glass & Mirror, for more help.