Does Your Roof Need EPDM Coating? Here Are Three Reasons Why The Answer Is "Yes!"

If you have recently had a new roof installed or had a major roof repair, your residential roofing services contractor may have recommended a protective coating. Although there are several different options for roof coatings, EPDM is the one of the most commonly used in both residential and commercial settings. If you're wondering whether you really need EPDM on your roof, read on to find out why the answer is "yes." 

Extends Roof Longevity

By having an EPDM coating applied to your roof, you can help preserve the materials below for well beyond their usual lifespan. EPDM roof coatings can protect roof material for 40 plus years -- and the EPDM Roofing Association states that 50 year lifespans could potentially be a realistic expectation. EPDM coating has been used for around 40 years at this point, and so far there have been no cases of failure or replacement.

Increased Durability

If you've recently had to pay for a big roof repair -- or even to buy a whole new roof -- you have probably been thinking about the importance of roofing material durability. While your residential roofing services contractor can help you choose the most durable roofing material in your budget, having the right roof materials is really only part of the solution. An EPDM coating atop the roof materials allows it to resist all types of damage more easily. This includes: 

  • Extreme heat: extreme heat could damage some roof materials, or could make the home much hotter. EPDM repels the heat instead of absorbing it. 
  • Rain: EPDM coating sloughs away rain quite easily, making it very difficult for standing water to accumulate even on low slope (flat) roofs. 
  • Ice: ice storms can spell disaster for some roof materials. Hail can dent copper and shatter asphalt, for example. The EPDM coating means that the hail will bounce away and onto the ground without doing any damage. 

Improved Appearance

It's only natural that you want your home to have a beautiful and unique appearance. Did you know that an EPDM roof coating can actually help you achieve it? While EPDM is manufactured in just two colors, white and black, it's quite common for it to be customized according to the customer's wishes. EPDM can be coated with acrylic paint to get the exact color that you want (it's a job for the professionals, though!) 

If you want to do the most to protect and enjoy your new roof, talk to your roofing contractor about the advantages of EPDM. This roof coating, when properly installed, could last as long as you're in the home!