Winter Is Here: 4 Ways To Ensure Healthy Trees

Winter can be a dangerous time for trees, especially if they're not properly cared for. As soon as the first wave of cold weather comes through, your trees will be at risk for damage. This is particularly true if they're exposed to snow and ice. To make sure that your trees are able to survive the winter safely, here are some tree care mistakes you should avoid.

Don't Shake Your Trees

If your trees get buried under snow after heavy storms, you may be tempted to go out and shake them off to remove the snow. Unfortunately, shaking your trees can damage the branches, especially if you forcefully shake the branches. If your trees are buckling under the weight of a heavy snow pack, use a broom to gently clear the branches. Avoid shaking your trees at all costs.

Don't Ignore Damaged Limbs

Winter storms can wreak havoc on your trees, especially when it comes to the snow, ice, and wind. If your trees sustain branch and limb damage this winter, don't ignore the damage. Leaving branches with broken, jagged edges can expose your trees to all kinds of risks, including diseases and insect infestations. As soon as you notice a broken limb in your tree, contact your landscape professional and have them come out to care for the damage. Quick response to winter damage will help protect your trees.

Don't Leave Your Trunks Exposed

If you have wild animals in your neighborhood, don't forget to protect your tree trunks. Wild animals will turn your trees into food source if the trunk is left unprotected. Unfortunately, once the animals start chewing at the trunks, your trees will be at risk for destruction. To protect your trunks, wrap them burlap and then place a wire cage around them. If winter tree blight is a problem in your area, apply a protective layer of tree paint to the trunks of your trees, as well.

Don't Forget to Protect the Root System

Ice and snow can cause severe damage to the delicate root system of your trees. If you haven't taken steps to protect the roots, now's the time to do that. Cover the area around your trees with a thick layer of mulch or bark to help keep the roots warm all winter long. The addition of mulch or bark around the base of your trees will also help promote proper drainage during the winter.