Guidelines For Installing Your New Outdoor Fire Pit

Fire pits in the backyard are a lot of fun. They are places where friends and family can gather, visit with each other, cook, and have a good time. If you are thinking about installing a fire pit in your backyard, here are some very important guidelines to follow.

Find out What Your City's Fire Pit/Burning Ordinances Are

It is easy enough to install a fire pit in the yard. It is not so easy when the police walk up and tell you that you need to put the fire out because you are breaking city ordinances! Check with your city first in regards to what you can use as a fire pit, what you can burn in the pit, and whether or not you need a seasonal permit to have a pit in your backyard. There are many cities that require residents to obtain a burning or pit permit before they can have such things in their yards. Even then, there are rules you have to follow when installing the pit, burn barrel, etc..

Locate the Pit away from Buildings

It makes complete sense that one of the guidelines/rules is to locate the pit away from buildings. In most cases, your fire has to be at least fifty feet from the house and fifty feet from the garage. If you have trees and/or other wooden structures in your yard, the pit has to be several feet away from all of the above. If you cannot locate and install the pit in a location that is safe for everything in your yard, you will have to remove some things or not have a pit at all. 

The Pit Has to Be an Actual Pit

Too many people have defined a "fire pit" as a spot where they have a campfire in the backyard. That does not fall in line with rules and regulations for having a pit. The pit has to actually be a pit in the ground, usually about six inches deep and surrounded by concrete and/or brick. The concrete or bricks help prevent fires from singeing the ground and prevent massive fires from starting if wood should crackle and spark. 

You Have to Keep a Fire Extinguisher Within Reach

Many cities require that residents keep a fire extinguisher within reach if they install a fire pit in their yards. A multipurpose extinguisher of average size is sufficient to put out fires that start outside of the pit. Keep a large pail of water ready to douse the fire at the end of the evening. 

These tips should help you find the right spot to have your fire pit installed.