Upgrade Your Vacation Rental With Electrician Services

Some vacation rental owners can maintain a 100% occupancy rate because they are in such an ideal location and have competitive pricing. However, you may own and manage a vacation rental that gets quite a few vacant days throughout the year, which leads to missed income opportunities. If you want to improve your vacation rental in hopes that it will help you bring in more guests, you should consider hiring an electrician to take on a few projects.

Recessed Lighting

Since the living room is such an important space for vacationers, especially in a home with an open layout, you should make sure that the lighting is top-notch. Without recessed lighting, you may notice the challenge in providing even and ample lighting throughout the living room. Even when you can get enough light to the room, the brightness may be too much at times. A reliable solution is to install recessed lighting in the living room. Since the bulbs are in the ceiling, you should not have to worry about them putting a glare on televisions or laptops.


Putting a chandelier inside the vacation rental can work well when you want to make the property look more impressive. Since you can likely get enough light with standard light fixtures, you should focus on installing a chandelier that is designed to impress all your guests. While you will be able to find all kinds of chandeliers in local stores and online shops, you should not hesitate to work with an electrician to see what kind of selection they have to offer. In some cases, they may have the connections that you need to find a bigger selection or better prices.


When installing any kind of light in a room, you should consider replacing the switch. An off-white is likely going to stand out in a negative way when trying to make a home look more modern. So, in addition to changing the cover, you will benefit from opting for dimming capabilities. Providing your guests with the option to dim the lights throughout the house will make it so much easier for them to set the mood and avoid overly dim or excessively bright lighting. You can work with electricians to find dimmer switches that fit your needs and are within your price range.

Once you decide that you want to make your vacation rental a better place for guests, you should hire an electrician to work on numerous projects. For more information, contact a company like Sun Coast Electric & Networking Inc today.