Kitchen Trends To Consider Incorporating During Your Remodel

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen to give it a fresh, new look? This is a great year to do it, since many of the current kitchen trends are timeless features that are likely to stick around. Here are five such kitchen trends that you may want to incorporate during your remodel.

Black Cabinets

For years, white and light-colored cabinets were pretty ubiquitous in kitchens. This meant that if you also wanted a light-colored counter and light walls, your entire space would look pretty bright. This can be a good look, but it's not for everyone. If you like a bit more drama and perhaps a more artsy look, you'll be happier with black cabinets. They're everywhere right now, and you can pair them nicely with pale marble or gray granite counters.


Brick backsplashes, range backings, and accent walls are really in for rustic kitchens. This is a good choice because brick is affordable, long wearing, and heat resistant. You won't have to worry if someone bumps into it or bangs a heavy pan against it. Plus, brick instantly adds some texture to the space, so even if every other item you choose has a smooth surface, your kitchen will look balanced overall.

Pot Hangers

Displaying your cookware is definitely in right now. And if you have nice, attractive cookware, why not put it on display? The most convenient way to do this is with a series of hooks placed on a hanging bar next to your stove. You can hang the smallest pots closest to the stove, and the larger ones further away.

Concrete Counters

If you like a more industrial look, consider opting for concrete counters instead of counters made from granite or marble. Concrete is a lot cheaper, and it can be sealed or finished in an array of colors or styles, giving you a customized look for less. Concrete is obviously very durable and heat resistant, too.

Iron Shelving

Black wrought iron shelving is also really in right now. Depending on the thickness and detail in the iron, this can look nice in a modern kitchen or in a more traditional one. You could make your pot racks from iron to really stay on-trend. Iron shelving does rust, so you'll need to keep it dry and coat it in a rust-proofing agent regularly.

To learn more about these and other kitchen remodeling trends, talk to your designer and builder.