Buying An Older Home? Why You Should Install A New Roof

Older homes tend to have a level of charm and class that you really don't find anymore. The architecture is unique so you're able to avoid the "cookie-cutter" feel that sometimes comes with newer places. If you're into old-world themes and enjoy living in a house that is different from the rest you'll typically find it when you buy an older home. However, along with the great perks of a weathered home, there are some added maintenance responsibilities. You know that you'll probably have to budget for repairs because some parts or a system in the house could possibly give out. Find out why installing a new roof from the very beginning can be helpful if you want to get the most out of an older house.

Lower Your HVAC Bill With A New Roof

As a roof ages, it tends to start thinning out. Constant pelting from the sun, wind, and rain takes a toll and can make a once sound, sturdy roof one that is no longer able to keep the elements at bay. If you stand in the attic and stare up at an old roof you may even be able to see sunlight shining through the beams. This is a severe situation that can have serious consequences if it isn't changed.

Think of how much indoor air can leak out through a thin roof. Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) bills could end up being sky high because there is no insulation and therefore no barrier to protect against the seepage.

Installing a new roof allows you to get maximum efficiency from your HVAC system. You'll be creating an airtight space that keeps your climate-controlled air where it should be: inside of the house.

A New Roof Is A Great Selling Point

Although you probably plan to stay in your next house for quite some time, it's always good to keep an eye toward the future. At some point, you'll probably want to sell the house. What better way to market the listing than by proudly boasting a new roof? A great roof adds curb appeal so the pictures you place in your advertisement are sure to woo in prospective buyers.

Putting in a fresh roof is an excellent investment that could pay off handsomely for you. Contact a roofing contractor like Toth Roofing to get an estimate for the work and start picking out the type and materials you want for your new roof.