A Few Ways Commercial Electrical Systems Are Different Than Residential Systems

Regardless of the type of business you operate, the electrical needs and the way the system was installed are going to be different from what you have in your home. While most electricians are initially trained to work on all types of systems, once they start working, they tend to choose to work with residential, commercial, or industrial systems. When you have an electrical issue at a retail setting, you need to contact a commercial electrician to solve the problem. Commercial buildings generally require more electricity than a home. There will be more wires and wires of higher voltage that residential electricians generally do not have to use. Here are a few other ways a commercial electrician works differently.


In your home, the wiring is kept behind the walls. Because commercial electrical systems have a higher demand placed on them, they tend to have problems more often. If the wires were hidden behind the walls, the inside of your establishment would need repairs quite often. However, many commercial buildings do not put the wires inside the walls but hide them in corners and along the top of the walls, instead.


Because of the higher demand put on commercial electrical systems, the wires need to be of a heavier gauge. Because they are not hidden behind walls, they need to have some type of protection so they are not simply ripped apart. Most commercial electrical wire is placed in heavy tube conduits. The conduits can be held in place against the walls with brackets. This way, customers or employees are not going to accidentally pull on them or tear them from their place.


Your home can use a single-phase system to carry the electrical load around your home for the most part. Some larger appliances may require a double-phase wiring set-up. However, commercial buildings would be tripping breakers all the time if they used single- or double-phase power breakers. To keep everything running without causing a circuit to overload, triple-phase circuit breakers are required.

When your business establishment is having any type of electrical issue, contact a commercial electrician to do the work. If you have never hired one before, ask your residential electrician to recommend one. An electrical problem could result in a fire. You want to be sure everything is in good working order to keep everyone and everything safe while people are visiting your establishment. Any fire is devastating. Make sure to always hire the right electrician for the job.

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